SEO Algorithm Change 2018: Here’s What We Know So Far

SEO or search engine optimization is easily one of the best tools at the disposal of any company or corporate entity that has decided to take his business on the internet. Through it, a website owner can maximize profit by increasing his flow of visitors to a steady pace. As helpful as SEO is, it’s not for the inexperienced as the ever-changing algorithm requires users to adapt to new techniques on a regular basis. As with most years, 2018 is another problem to tackle for SEO specialists.

Change is inevitable and it’s also the same thing in the world of SEO. Speaking of which, here are some of the changes that we might all probably experience this year.

Manipulative Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most important things for SEO strategy. It is a great way to reach the first page of search results, it increases your readership, and it makes your platform grow even more. In other words, without it, you targeted consumers or audience will not get to know you better as it serves as a way to inform them about your brand. However, this year, guest posting could face a problem and website owners might encounter penalties – but only if they are made without care.

Last year, Google has already warned website owners that they might get penalized for guest postings that don’t abide by their guidelines on link schemes. They are not against the distribution of articles, though. It’s just that they are warning those websites who create articles or guest posts mainly to gain links. Needless to say, the website contents that they’re looking for are those that aren’t merely done to gain links or whatnot but contents that are informative, educating the audience, and contents that would bring awareness about a company.

Attributing Links

Links on contents also play a huge role for websites to rank higher in search results. However, this year, search engines might probably give lesser importance to links as a contributing factor in ranking higher. That being said, unliked mentions in articles and other website contents would be just as strong as a signal as regular links to rank in search results. Bing has first confirmed that it has already started implementing such change in SEO method and Google is expected to make such changes in its algorithm as well.

Indexing Content

This year, we could also expect a change in how searches are prioritized. Such change is caused by a survey that has found out that almost 60% of traffic in US alone came from smartphones and tablet users while the percentage of desktop users is only 43%. With a bigger percentage coming from smart device users, Google, the biggest search engine is said to create and refine its search listings based on the mobile version of the content.

This year, the algorithm for SEO is about to experience several changes. Thus, website owners should keep themselves updated so they’ll know how they will keep up and not cause a negative impact on their websites.

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