A Better Look at How SEO Tools Would Help Your Website


SEO or search engine optimization is a vast term that must be understood quite deeply before being put to good use or for the benefit of a company. At its core, SEO will determine the ranking of a website on search engines, thus having a drastic effect on views, and then on profit. SEO isn’t a one thing concept though as it is a fairly huge idea that considers various tips and tricks. Here are a few SEO tools worth knowing about.


Site Analyzer

To rank higher in search results and to be noticed and trusted by many clients, a site analyzer is one of the tools necessary. Search engines, particularly Google, are very particular with regards to ranking websites. If you are one who doesn’t know much about how SEO works, tools such as Google’s Webmaster Tools, Website Grader (from HubSpot), Pro Tools (Moz’s), Woorank, SEO Spider (from Screaming Frog), SEO Audit Tool (made by Found), and SEO Overview (created by Varvy) are some of the best SEO tools to use. Basically, what they do is to check your content for if it has any indexation issue, broken links, or duplicate contents. This year, such tools are some of the highly recommended ones by experts.


Keyword Researcher

In making a website reach the first page of search results, its contents’ keywords are also one of the things that website owners should not overlook. With perfectly placed keywords, a website will surely gain lots of clicks and consumer trusts. However, with little knowledge and without help from professionals, it could be hard for website owners to know which keyword would work best for their contents to gain more views and whatnot. A keyword researcher would be a great helping hand. As the name suggests, it helps website owners to find the right set of keywords to target for ads by allowing them to see which website page uses a certain keyword, how the site ranks with that keyword, the monthly search volume for that keyword, and so much more.


Link Optimizer

To make ensure a website’s visibility in the online world, experimenting with keywords and analyzers are not enough. Website owners would also need a tool that would optimize their links and give it a good boost. As the name suggests, a link optimizer enhances a website’s content and the website as a whole by making use of varied yet relevant anchor texts while making external or internal links. In that way, the website owner’s link portfolio would look more diversified. On top of that, it wouldn’t look as if it’s following a pattern in manipulating rankings of a specific keyword. Such tools could also be used by publishers or editors for them to check and see if there are any broken or inactive links. As a result, website owners could easily omit or edit errors in their contents.


SEO is already a marketing tool that’s difficult to understand if one doesn’t have much knowledge about it. With a single error, a page could even rank low in search results. Such tools mentioned would be a really big help and they are something that website owners need to always consider.

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