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Dimensioni offers solution oriented Software Development Services, which are built around three pivotal trends including domain knowledge, globalization and focus on business processes. We anticipate customer's requirements, concentrate on building blocks of the enterprise, and provide innovative Website Development Solutions to serve all your business' needs. Our expert team of professionals follow integrated software life cycle planning, designing, development, testing, implementation and maintenance, in order to deliver you flawless web development services.

With eight years of experience in Application Development Services, we are capable of developing Web-based custom applications for e-commerce, Web Marketing and numerous other procedures. Team DI will find the simplest, most operative website application path without compromising performance, and combines databases in diverse platforms.

Dimensioni focuses on your business growth through out the process of software development. As liable business professional, we give a time line, and stay by our words. Our Critical Path Management approach insures that Website Application Development projects meet or beat the deadline of services we offer.

Our current skills-set includes the expertise in the following web development technologies:

Web Site Development Services

PHP, Java, ASP, Flash, SQL, COM, DCOM, ISAPI, JavaScript, EJB, Java Servlet, Java Applets, C, VC++, DLL Development, MFC, HTML, HTML CSS, .NET, VB, VBScript, Java iAppli, iMode, cHTML

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000, 98, 95, NT

Web Application Servers:

Apache Web server, Microsoft IIS, Allaire, ColdFusion Server, BEA Weblogic Servers, JRUN, Jserv, TomCat.


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, MYSQL, Postgre

Our Application Development Services include:

Software Development

Dimensioni is continuously procuring and developing skills in advanced areas of technology like E-Commerce, N-tier Client/Server applications and Web Application Development services. We provide "comprehensive solutions" to the end user.


Improves efficiency, improves business vitality and reduces costs. Businesses can boosts return on investment (ROI), people can conceptualize full view of business information, and processes can be lined up between systems. With a real-time flow of information, you can make better business decisions and systems function more effectively.

Data Migration

Migration benefits a business model. It can also be a affordable substitute to rewriting or purchasing new products. Dimensioni provides end-to-end solutions for hassle-free data migration services - from planning, implementing, and validating, to customizing, testing, data migration and support.


Business Re-Engineering integrates features of re-engineering and Business Process Outsourcing. This re-thinking and re-design of business processes achieves theatrical enhancements in organizational performance. It also maximizes long-term prospects for your business.

Our strength is pervasive knowledge of existing technology choices. We have the capability to shortlist technologies that will perfectly suit your operations and requirements for your business assuring optimized IT investments through enhanced productivity and lower maintenance costs. Simply, send a specification and requirements. Experts at DI will analyze and evaluate the volume and intricacies of the Website Application Development process. After evaluation we will develop an effective website for you.

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