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Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization

What is Reciprocal linking or link exchange?

Link exchange or reciprocal linking is a SEO technique, where two websites exchange links. A webmaster sends a request to another webmaster for exchanging links. Although Google doesn't value such links but they still hold some worth. If you opt for reciprocal linking, always exchange links with relevant, theme based websites. Never reciprocate with irrelevant website, even if they have high rankings. Check http://www.domainnameofsite.com/robots.txt to see if they have excluded the links pages. Also do a search in google for cache:domain.com/linkspage to see if the page your link will be placed on is indexed.

I have high page ranks in Yahoo, but not in the top 1,000 in Google. Why?

Yahoo and Google use different algorithms for search engine rankings. Yahoo values on- page optimization which includes Heading1 tags, keyword density, etc whereas Google prefers off page optimization such as back links. Hence, your rankings in these two search engines vary. If you have concentrated more on on-page optimization, you will rank high in Yahoo and if you have paid more stress on off-page optimization with in-bound links, etc., then you will gain rankings in Google.

What is a doorway page?

Doorway page is a Spam. These pages are created to enhance the rankings for a specific keyword. Doorway pages lack any significant content and do not reflect the exact theme of the website. If a search engine detects, using this tactic to enhance the rankings, the website will be permanently removed from the search engine.

What is Geo Targeting?

The distribution of ads to a particular geographical area. For example, you can use a place name in your keyword, such as "Texas Web Design". Some search engines allow you to target specific countries - and languages - without using keyword relevance.

Does using CSS effect my rankings?

Although Googlebot does not scrawl CSS-files, but it could lead to good rankings, as CSS makes pages lighter and page structure more organized. When adding CSS styles to page, it is recommend to put them to external file (using link-tag).

Should I use submission software to make sure that all the search engines have included me?

Search engine submissions should be done manually. Submission softwares submit websites to hundreds of search engines which is unnecessary because there are just few search engines which are used by surfers to find information. Another better option is getting links from other websites. Search Engine spiders follow these links and you will be indexed naturally.

Do I need to submit my website to Google every month?

No, you don't need to submit your website to Google just once . If you are active in link building, you may not need to submit it, because while following the links, Googlebot will notice your site soon, and thus include it in the index.

How should I find out my page rankings?

You can use www.googlerankings.com to check rankings on Google and www.yahoosearchrankings.com to see rankings on Yahoo. But this is used for a limited number of keywords. To track multiple keywords use Digital Points Keyword Monitor at http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords (Google Only), this is a free tool.

Which are better for high rankings XHTML pages or HTML-pages?

Both XHTML and HTML hold the same weightage but Google value well structured content, hence most of the times XHMTL is more suitable.

I submitted to DMOZ but didn't hear anything. Should I resubmit?

No, do not resubmit it. Resubmitting will delete your previous request, and will elongate the duration. Several times resubmission can have you indexed as Spam or blocked. Moreover DMOZ has set up a forum to let you know your status and this is a much under posted and under used area of DMOZ - The address is http://www.resource-zone.com/forum/ . Just remember to take the time to follow the posted directions.

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