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Yahoo Pay Per Click Program Packages

Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Services
Overture PPC, now popularly known as Yahoo Search Engine Marketing is among the top three Pay Per Click tools. Besides Google Adwords and MSN Ad center, Yahoo Pay Per Click Programs are beneficial to increase your conversion rate and eventually ROI.

Yahoo PPC solutions form a significant part of any successful Pay Per Click Advertising campaign. Yahoo search marketing solutions provide an opportunity to advertise your business in several ways.

Yahoo Advertising programs include the following:

Sponsored Search

Shows your advertisement distinctly in major search engines like Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista, etc..

Product Submit

Submit your products with Yahoo and get your products listed in Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Buyers Guide, to reach unlimited number of users

Travel Submit

Travel Deals marketplace or Travel Deals listings provides information on travel service providers, submit your travel product or service with Yahoo, to be listed in and provide easy access of information to potential travelers.

Directory Submit

Activated by the powerful Yahoo! Search, submit your business information in Yahoo! Directory.

Each category is defined to meet the requirement of a specific type of advertiser, so decide your category before taking another step ahead. This might be a pain for you, finding the relevant category, then setting up a campaign, keeping track of records,etc..

Shed your burden to us. We can help you!

Dimensioni SEO provides Search Marketing Solutions and Pay Per click Services to businesses worldwide. We can set up your PPC Campaign in Yahoo search engine marketing, keep a track of all the records, monitor the progress of the campaign and will send you timely reports. Our team of professionals will find out the relevant category to establish the marketing campaign at Yahoo. Additionally we make your ads appear in local sponsored search and local listings. This is advantageous for businesses, because with local presence, your services are available to users who are searching for a particular service or product in a locality. Moreover the costs of advertising in this section is probably one of the most affordable for an online campaign.

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