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Affiliate marketing programs are based on profit sharing between online businesses. The affiliate site builds an Affiliate network, usually offers Advertising Campaigns to the members of the network, also advertise merchant's business on other websites and earns revenues based on the performance of the advertisement. Performance can be evaluated on the basis of sales, clicks, registrations or combination of all.

Affiliate program is an effective and productive Online Marketing Strategy, where advertisers pays only for the performance.

Dimensioni offers cost-effective Affiliate marketing programs and also provides an opportunity to post your advertisement on our website for the best results.

How Does Your Affiliate Program Works?

We Advertise your Business on different portals and you pay us a commission for every visitor or subscriber or customer. In simple words, It is a modern variation of the practice of paying finder's fees to the individuals who introduce new customers to a business.

Fees will be charged for the following:
  • Every visit (Pay-per-click)
  • Registrant (Pay-per-lead), or
  • Commission for every customer or sale (Pay-per-Sale).

Affiliate Marketing Service by Dimensioni encompasses:

  • Marketing on Best Affiliate Networks
  • Placing Right Kind of Banners
  • Placing good text link ads
  • Email marketing , etc
Affiliate marketing programs can be highly customer drivers, if managed actively by experienced affiliate marketers and given the right attention and resources.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing We will provide you an exceptional tracking service where the data will be offered to you as per your requirements and our criteria. Our staff consistently deals with your questions and demands. Likewise, Dimensioni also has a robust support area where you can search for the information you need regarding site functionality and account related queries. The list of benefits of working with an Affiliate Marketing Network is extensive.
  • No overheads: Your accounting and affiliate disbursement is taken care of by Dimensioni, your affiliate network.
  • Brand Building: Your website will gain recognition as number of visits will raise on your site.
  • No Search Engines pain: The affiliate network lessens your dependence on the search engines, and lets you be seen at the right places for getting sales.
  • Pay-as-per-performance: You don't have to worry about ROIs (Returns on Investments) as you only pay for the performance
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