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Keyword Analysis For Search Engine Optimization
Keywords play a significant role in the process of Search Engine Optimization, in fact, the success of your SEO process largely depends on the keyword research. For a successful Web Marketing Campaign and to achieve high ranking in search engines, you should target appropriate set of keywords. Keyword optimization involves right keyword selection and placement based upon comprehensive keyword research. Make sure you the keywords are relevant to your website, and internet users should actually be searching for the keywords you decide to use for your campaign. Dimensioni offers effective keyword research solutions, for higher search engine placements and higher return on investments. Our expert team of SEO consultants not only carefully choose keywords but also place them at appropriate locations. We use the keyword tools like wordtracker, adwords, etc, so that you get best conversion keywords.

Keyword Research Process Followed at Dimensioni

We search keyword phrases that most aptly describes your products and services and are actually used for searching.

The process of keyword research involves three key steps:
  • Keyword analysis : - We analyze the capacity of keywords, which can drive traffic to your website.
  • Keyword selection:- Our SEO team sparingly selects the keywords that rightly represent your business.
  • Keyword placement:- Selected keywords are effectively placed in the content, meta data, links, etc. so that whenever spider crawls, keywords are noticed.
While keyword optimization, we place the chosen keywords at locations where they are definitely observed by the crawlers. Keywords are placed in titles, domain name, headings, meta keywords, meta titles and descriptions, content, text link and bottom of the page.

At Dimensioni, our professionals also evaluate and calculate, which key phrases will be expensive for a good ROI, and which keywords will be targeted to attain a high conversion rate.
Another aspect that we consider while choosing keywords is its singular or plural form for bidding. Sometimes singular and plural form of a key phrase may have varying search volume and bidding rates. Hence, we test and evaluate which key phrases ranked higher and use these keywords for keyword optimization.

Keyword strategies, we follow are specific, that is, we narrow down the choice of the spectators, to be able to drive more from the targeted audience. We do not choose highly competitive keywords.

We can bring top search engine rankings, better conversion rate and high Return on Investment with our effective keyword research strategies. Now, don't waste a minute even, contact us to make your online business a success.

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