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Perform Competitive Analysis - Be In the Lead
To be a leader the industry, it is imperative to stay ahead from your competitors. Hence it becomes essential to analyze Website Competition. You need to research which similiar websites are ranking high on your Targeted Keywords and check if there are specific sites repeatedly ranking in the positions.
By performing detailed Competitive Analysis, you can pull the traffic to your website and eventually improve ROI. If your site carry as good content as the competing similar websites, then check out the age of the competitors, their backlink profile might just reveal the traffic sources you need to grow your own website. This is just one factor to be considered while doing competitive analysis, there are several more factors that count.
We at Dimensioni offer you comprehensive website competition analysis so that you stay one step ahead of your competitors and improve your ROI. When you work on other aspects of your business, we do the competitive analysis for your website.

A Brief Look at Competitive Analysis Performed by Dimensioni

Content on your Website

We compare and analyze the content available on your website and competitors website. The comparison includes the amount of content on the competitor's ranking pages, keywords stuffing, Keywords Density, quality of the content and much more. We sparingly check the keyword density because keyword stuffing is banned upon by search engines and it could be an attempt to bloat the relevance of the page.

URL Structure

What do the competitor's URLs look like? Are they static? Are they written cleanly, with words representing the theme of the page in them?

Meta Data

Our team of experts carefully examine the Meta Data on your competitor's website. What meta keywords are incorporated in the meta data of the pages? Are they visible in the title and description for the page? Are the priority words in the meta data similar keyword phrases to those you are targeting for your campaign?

Site Map

Easy internal navigation plays an important role in boosting rankings. Providing text-based links to other pages or areas help search engines to crawl your website easily. So, we check whether competitor's site have a sufficient number of internal links or not, if yes are these links keyword-centric?

Link Popularity

Link Popularity is crucial for the success of any website. Hence, we scrutinize the number of quality links that point to the competitor's site. Large quantity of legitimate links directing to your competitor's site may help them rank higher on specific Targeted Keywords, because search engines give weightage to sites with high link popularity. Collectively, these factors add to the theme of a page. Analyzing how your top web competitors use these elements, and in which area they may be doing a better job than you, will help you design strategies to gain visibility on your most important keywords, boost traffic and improve ROI.

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